Business Innovation

What is the importance of business innovation

Strategic thinking and constant business innovation are key to success and survival in the business world. In recent decades, the concept of innovation has been used in organizations, including traditional industry, to meet the need to adapt to the ever-changing market and to break forward. Innovation creates added value through solutions for overt or covert needs. Solutions that are achieved through the development or use of processes, services or technologies that are more efficient than those used in the past or the absorption of mature methods and ideas that are suitable for the company’s occupation.

An organization that does not change and renews continues the power of the alliance is an organization whose survival is in doubt. An examination of what is happening in Israel and abroad in the business environment in which the Company operates is a basis for learning and inspiring.

Techtrends advises on the creation of new solutions for existing activities and processes, as well as advice on creating new categories of activity or activity, operating processes and customer service that change the work environment and create new modes of operation. Our goal is to assist the business in providing a better response to the desires of its customers before competitors, entering new market segments, and creating a different and innovative work environment

What is the contribution of Techtrends to business innovation?

In this field, we assist the business in the following areas:

  • Examining and analyzing the possibilities and directions of the relevant innovation issues
  • Examining the identity of the company, the organizational structure and job definitions, and developing a supportive organizational structure
  • Assistance in handling objections and managing change in the business
  • Conducting economic tests to establish the implications of introducing innovation and changing the business involved
  • Construction of a work plan for the implementation of the overall change process
  • Preparation of a business plan for receipt of grants from the Authority for Innovation Submission and accompanying the business for receipt of the grant