Planning & Improving SCM Systems

A supply chain is comprised of all the activities from issuing customer orders for the product to product supply and payment by the manufacturer of service provider. The efficiency and cost of operation determine the company fortune – profit or loss.

The supply chain is based on manufacturers, suppliers, shipping companies, warehouses, wholesalers, retailers and includes direct and indirect partners that constitute the parts of the chain, all with the goal of satisfying customer requirements.

The objective of the supply chain is to maximize the total value that it creates. This value is the difference between the value of the final product to the customer and the costs that the supply chain accumulates in the process of supplying the product to the customer.

The supply chain is of the greatest importance to the success of a company, and its efficiency and cost of operation determine the company profits or losses.

There are five strategic planning factors that are designed to guarantee the supply chain’s ability to meet the requirements of the customers and company.

  • Operational strategy
  • Outsourcing strategy
  • Distribution strategy
  • Customer service strategy
  • Strategy for the management of the assets that serve as the supply chain’s infrastructure

The services offered by Techtrends company include planning of all stages of the supply chain – strategic planning, actual planning on the ground, accompanying the implementation, and initial trial runs. In addition, Techtrends service include improving the supply chain’s parts and processes, such as reserve inventory, planning of production processes, warehouse design and distribution systems, and plans for improved efficiency according to customer needs.

In these fields, Techtrends offers the following services:

  • Planning of the supply chain strategy stemming from the company’s strategy
  • Planning the inventory policy and inventory reserve methods
  • Planning and implementation of production floor control systems
  • Design of plants, production systems, conveyance
  • Warehouse design
  • Distribution system design
  • Preparing and implementing efficiency programs to supply chain cut costs using: 5S, 6 Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, DFT