IT Systems

Techtrends’ expertise encompasses planning and guidance for the installation of new IT systems, upgrading of existing systems, and enhanced system assimilation projects.

Techtrends views IT systems as one of the major leverages enabling the company to implement its policies and attain its goals.

The principle leading Techtrends’ success in IT projects is the BRP – Business     Process Reengineering process, that is designed to improve the existing business processes as a preliminary stage preceding the computerization process, which enables improved business performance and results at the end of the assimilation process.

Additionally, Techtrends utilizes the change management model, allowing proper and efficient implementation of the new system.

The company’s experience in the IT field includes projects undertaken in Israel and overseas.

Techtrends offers the following services:

  • Preparing an IT master plan
  • Analysis and definition of IT requirements and preparing an RFP
  • Survey and recommendation of IT solutions
  • Management of IT projects
  • Planning and in-depth assimilation of SCM, ERP and CRM systems
  • Preparing a quality plan for IT projects, including acceptance tests