Utilizing Techtrends' accumulated capabilities and experience in dealing with challenges and providing the right solution suited to the customer


Providing solutions and practical information and work tools that can be implemented by the customer


Analysis and presentation of a business situation as it is, professional conduct and transparency throughout


Personal responsibility for performing the consulting job and providing added value exceeding the customer's expectations

About Us

Techrends Consulting & Management Ltd. was established at the beginning of 1987 in order to provide consulting services in the field of business management to   the private sectors, public companies and governmental organizations in Israel and abroad

TechTrends Consulting & Management Ltd. uses the Solution- House approach in providing its customers business solutions.    The SOLUTION- HOUSE approach enables an integrative solution to all business activities that are based on business strategic planning, business process and computerized tolls, combined with the knowledge and professional experience we have accumulated over the years.
Our goal is to promote the business through professional tools and implantable process that can lead to improved business performance, increased profitability, competitiveness and business resilience.

Our expertise includes

  • Planning and implementing business strategy
  • Financial and economic planning
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Marketing strategy
  • Planning and carrying out of turn around program
  • Raising capital for privet business
  • Logistics, supply chain and inventory management
  • Preparation of functional lay out for plants and offices
  • Planning and implementation of   ERP, CRM and SCM
  • Organization and business development
  • Knowledge management
  • Assisting family businesses
  • Assisting in establishing start-up ventures
  • Planning and carrying out operational and financial risk management

We see the success of the client as our success


Formulation of a way of achieving competitive advantage, expansion, innovation, merger or organizational change that will have long-term and sustainable value

Building and developing the business, promoting and improving business and financial capabilities and performance, as a result of the overall business strategy /////////////////////////////////////

Creating demand for the company’s products and services, growth and development  by creating marketing edge, maximizing profits and increasing  customers satisfaction

Coordinated process of organization, operation, logistics, information and resources, in the supply of a product or service, from the raw material to the final product and distribution

Focusing on the managerial and organizational structure and business processes derived from the company’s strategy  


Analysis and definition of customer  IT needs ,searching for the right IT solution.
Planning the implementation and the go live process

A process that includes a recovery plan designed to rehabilitate and reduce the company’s losses, to help prevent liquidation and reduce expenses 

Supporting family business in strategic planning, creating and maintaining management structure, solving operational and budgetary problems and business transformation from founders to offspring

Constant business innovation is the key to survival in the business world. Create new activities or processes and business programs for new ideas

Ongoing management that identifies weaknesses in operational and financial failures, evaluates, leverages, and defines the required improvement and investment


Government and public sector



Process industry

Electronic and communication industry

Construction industry

Pharmaceutical industry


Metal industry

Plastic industry


Food and beverages industry